International Vinegar Museum    Roslyn, South Dakota
Four Tank Trip
The flight took 7 hours in our trusty Commander.  We had a head wind most of the time but other than that it was smooth at 8500 ft. We stopped at Alexander Field in Wisconsin Rapids for a load of fuel and a rest. We flew over Minneapolis, MN mini2.jpg (28113 bytes) mini.jpg (35709 bytes) and the Mississippi River missis.jpg (15664 bytes).  Land of 10,000 lakes.  As we entered South Dakota the landscape changed to a lush green prairie texture spotted with hundreds of small lakes.  By the way most of  the lakes are only 5 years old.  The aquifer is causing the low areas to fill with water.  In some areas the aquifer lakes have claimed complete farms.  This is not conducive for farming but they're finding a new market, fishing.  Fishing has increased 10 fold since the word is out.  The countryside is so beautifully different; only in America!

The first Vinegar Museum in the USA


 Museum Curator: Lawrence Diggs

Lawrence Diggs AKA "The Vinegar Man" 
is the foremost authority on that sour liquid.  His knowledge of the acetic liquid spans the globe.  Mr. Diggs  lives among a population of 251 in the small town of Roslyn, South Dakota located in the northeast corner of the state. 

             The International Vinegar Museum

The town of Roslyn was so excited about the prospect of the idea that they leased Mr. Diggs the building for $1.00.  He and volunteers spent three months painting and sprucing the place for the grand opening festival.

            The International Vinegar Museum

The town was so excited about the event that they coordinated the yearly festival along with the grand opening.  People from as far as Australia were there to partake in the delectable acetic liquid.  

The museum displays vinegars from all over the world.  People were taught the fine art of tasting along with a history of each vinegar presented to the palette.


Tasting Table

The Vinegar Man has a unique way of tasting and evaluating vinegars.  He uses a Q' tip swab.  You simply dip the swab into the vinegar and place it on your tongue.  Gently suck the swab to release just the right amount for evaluation.  Lawrence says the mistake most vinegar connoisseurs make is they tend to overpower their pallet early on by taking too large of a sample.







Executive Chef John Gilbertson,CEC from        Sheraton Hotel  Sioux Falls, South Dakota     

John also displayed his culinary talents at the vinegar museum.  He cooked various dishes using vinegar and raw honey as the sauté medium.  The flavor was to die for!!

He will be sending me the recipes and I will share them with you.


Their also was a canning contest that entries must include vinegar in there recipe. The winner was the Salad dressing.

More to Come!!

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